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Muraco Elementary School


The core values at Muraco are: teaching and learning, community, communication, respect, and responsibility. Children are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and search for solutions. Through this process students will learn that perseverance, taking risks, and making mistakes are integral components of the learning process.

The Muraco staff is committed to developing lifelong learners who are confident, caring, curious, and respectful citizens. We work hard to create a rich learning environment in which all students can grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Our strong home/school connection ensures our students' success.

Parents play a key role in the educational process. The collaboration and communication between home and school are essential for academic success. We invite you to come to Muraco to volunteer, join MESPA, and take part in the many special school events.

Laurie Kirby, Principal
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What's New at Muraco 

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