40 samoset rd, winchester, ma 01890

Winchester Preschool

Winchester Preschool Lottery Application Form

Instructions to Support Unipay Payment:

Additional Instructions for Unipay Fee of Lottery Fee:
Go to the site:  https://unipaygold.unibank.com/default.aspx and once on the site, scroll down a bit on your screen and you will see a box that states,
"Start Typing Your City/Town or Business for Suggestions".  In this box, type Winchester Public Schools and select "Go".
You should be brought to a screen that looks like the one below, or you could be prompted to create an account.  If you are brought to the screen below, then select PRESCHOOL NON REFUNDABLE LOTTERY APPLICATION FEE, we recommend paying with a check as there will not be a fee.  If you need to create an account, then do so after which you should make your way to the screen below to pay the application fee.  

Sarah Casey, Preschool Supervisor