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Academics & Departments

6th Grade Art Program The sixth grade art program builds on the visual art experiences that are offered to students in our five elementary schools.... (cont'd)

Computer Technology Education
Grade 6 - Keyboarding/Computer Technology Literacy Meets three times per cycle for one semester The sixth grade Technology Literacy program is... (cont'd)

Sixth Grade Language Arts Program (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Literature Study) The goal of the sixth grade language arts program... (cont'd)

Foreign Languages
French, Italian, and Spanish The primary goals of the foreign language courses at McCall Middle School are communicative proficiency and cultural... (cont'd)

Guidance Department
McCall Middle School Guidance Department 781-721-7026 X 1123 What is a middle school Counselor’s Role? The middle school... (cont'd)

Grade 6 The sixth grade Mathematics curriculum, entitled Middle School Mathematics, Course 1, will continue the development of skills and concepts... (cont'd)

All students at McCall study music. The choices are band, chorus, orchestra, general music. In addition, students may audition for our after-school... (cont'd)

School Health Services
Student Health Forms, Policies, Fact Sheets, more

Grade 6 Science The sixth grade science curriculum is required for all students in grade 6. Classes meet every day of the cycle for a full year.... (cont'd)

Social Studies
Grade 6 World History and Geography: The Ancient World Prehistory to 500 A.D. This course begins with an examination of the anthropological... (cont'd)

The Technology/Engineering program in grades 6-8 allows students to pursue engineering questions and technological solutions that emphasize... (cont'd)

The Wellness Program is comprised of two disciplines: Health/Family Consumer Sciences and Physical Education. The courses offered in the Wellness... (cont'd)