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English Language Learning

The Massachusetts Blueprint for English Learner Success

Vision for English Learner Education

Created by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of English Learner Education


English learners in Massachusetts attend schools in which all educators share responsibility for their success, engage effectively with their families, and value and nurture their linguistic and cultural assets. English learners are taught by effective, well-prepared, and culturally responsive educators who hold them to high standards and have the materials and professional learning they need to advance students’ academic and linguistic development simultaneously. English learners have equitable access to meaningful and rigorous learning opportunities that build on their cultural and linguistic assets and the academic, linguistic, social, and emotional supports they need to excel. English learners thrive in high school and graduate with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to be successful in college and/or a career of their choice, and to contribute to civic life in a global community.

Winchester Public School’s English Language Learner students and staff teamed up with the Winchester Multicultural Network to do student presentations during Town Day.  We were thrilled for the first time ever to have students share their poetry during this wonderful community event.  Below are just a sample of two poems that were read that day!

 ELL Poem 1                               ELL Poem2

ELL Town Day 1