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Strategic Visioning

The Winchester School Leadership team and School Committee strive to make time to engage all stakeholders in a conversation – a conversation about what we value and what we hope for in the next five to seven years.  We invite Winchester parents, students, educators and residents to participate over the next 9 months and beyond in this continuing conversation.  With various pathways for engagement, we seek to come to consensus on Winchester Public School Core Values, a short list of 5-year priorities, and indicators of how we may know progress towards such priorities.

The Winchester Public School system is engaging in a conversation about how we may redefine what success looks like for our students, teachers, and schools. How do we measure success?  What are we doing well? How can we build on and lift those successes to continually evolve and adapt to a changing world? 

Through a series of conversations with all stakeholders (students, staff, administrators, community members), we will begin to craft a vision for where we are heading.

November 2017 Draft Vision Statement:

WPS Draft Beacons-1